Stabilized plants


Stabilized plants


Stabilization is a patented method in which the natural sap from the plant is replaced by a substance mixture based on glycerine in an ecological manner. Plants, flowers and trees are then 100% naturally stabilized. With this technique, plants retain their natural appearance, elasticity, texture and color without any maintenance, making it ideal for long-term flower arrangements.




Enjoy the benefits of a genuine natural garden inside a home, office, hotel, restaurant, business center, villas, bars, showrooms, banks, health centers, clinics, hospitals, convention centers, gyms, etc...



Green walls

- from stabilized plants (turf...)

- artificial

- mixed (green wall with stabilized plants supplemented by artificial flowers and plants)

Pictures of stabilized plants (turf, plants...), in combined wood, stone, metal...

Company logos, various inscriptions, signs, plants...with the structure of your choice (aluminum, PVC...)

Greening interior - Trees (palms, olive trees, bonsai...)

Floral arrangements

Vegetable decoration


At the request of our clients we are able to adapt to each specific requirement (size, shape, selection of plants, etc.) Thanks to the variety of products we can create unique green walls in perfect harmony with your interior, knowing how to propose individual projects.


We'll bring nature into your space – Our walls are unique


Stabilized plants are a revolutionary product presenting a new frontier for interior vegetation, without limiting maintenance and creativity. Regarding the incredible versatility of this material the use of products is endless: it is based on our creativity and know-how.



Several years of life from maintaining the fresh appearance of flowers 2-5 years, trees, grass and leaves from 5 to 10 years

Requires no watering, no overhead light and maintenance

Minimum chance of infestation of plants by insects or fungi

They retain their original shape, color,


Stabilized plants are of natural origin and therefore the color or size can be slightly different, and if you want to retain their natural appearance after a few years, it is necessary to follow basic rules:

Avoid contact with water, i.e. do not suffuse

Do not store or place in wet environments
Do not expose to direct sunlight, close to bulbs and other sources of high temperature (blending of colors)

Do not place on varnished or oil-treated surfaces.




A stabilized plant is ideally suited in a room with a temperature of 10 - 25 C and an optimum moisture content of 65%. The plants are maintenance-free, but if you need to remove dust or other impurities, use a damp (not wet) cloth or hair dryer at a low temperature.