Our services

I dedicate in particular:



- landscaping according to one’s own and submitted project

design, implementation and maintenance of interior and exterior greenery

roof gardens, vertical gardens, moss wall

year-round maintenance of gardens

expertise in gardens


- automatic irrigation systems

-water elements  -maintenance of water elements


lawn turf (grass carpet-laying), lawn grass

chemical weeding, spraying, fertilizing

restoration of lawns - VERTICUTATION



Vertical gardens:





Mossy walls and paintings:

- from stabilized plants (turf...)

- artificial

- mixed (green wall with stabilized plants supplemented by artificial flowers and plants)

Pictures of stabilized plants (turf, plants...), in combined wood, stone, metal...

Company logos, various inscriptions, signs, plants...with the structure of your choice (aluminum, PVC ...)

Greening interior - Trees (palms, olive trees, bonsai...)

Floral arrangements

Vegetable decoration