Moss wall and images

MOSS wall and paintings

A new generation of interior vertical gardens in different shapes, sizes and colors, which do not require any maintenance. After installation a vertical garden remains unchanged over the years in all environments with a minimum humidity of 40-50%.

Lower values of relative humidity provide the best conditions for the use of moss.

Moss should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It can be installed in a room without natural light and water. There cannot be contact with water. It is fire-resistant and antibacterial, in various color combinations.


We'll bring nature into your spaces – Our walls are unique

The use of the products is endless thanks to the incredible versatility of this material: it is based on our creativity and know-how.



- several years' life with the preservation of fresh appearance - flowers  2-5 years, grass and leaves 5-10 years

- no watering required, no requirements for light and maintenance

- minimum chance of infestation of plants by insects or fungi

- they retain their original shape, color



The moss and plants are of natural origin and therefore their color or size can be slightly different, and if you want to retain their natural appearance for a few years, you need to respect the basic rules:

- they cannot come into contact with water, i.e. NO WATERING!

- do not store or place in a humid environment.

- do not expose to direct sunlight, close to lightbulbs and other sources of high temperature (it will leach the colors).

- do not to place on varnished or oil-treated surfaces.



Moss and plants are ideally placed in rooms with a temperature of 10-25°C and at optimal humidity of 65%. Plants are maintenance-free, but if you need to remove dust or other impurities, use a damp (not wet) cloth or hair dryer at low temperature.



Enjoy the benefits of a genuine natural garden inside your home, office, hotel, restaurant, shopping center, villa, bars, showrooms, banks, health centers, clinics, hospitals, convention centers, gyms, etc...



- green walls made of stabilized plants (moss...)


- mixed (green wall with stabilized plants and moss, supplemented by artificial flowers and plants)


- pictures from stabilized plants (moss, plants...), in the combination of wood, stone, metal or other


- company logos, various inscriptions, signs made of plants. All this with the structure of your choice (aluminum, PVC...)