About us

About us

Allow me to introduce you to the AZALEA company, which since 2002 has been successfully operating on the Slovak market in the field of ornamental horticulture.
Our company offers the implementation of ornamental gardens and interiors, including complex, project documentation, implementation and consulting services in the field of landscape architecture associated with the professional care of greenery.

At present, our company is devoted to the completion of interior stabilization plants, mossy walls, vertical green walls (and exterior), not only in Slovakia but also abroad.
Our goal and also ability is to meet the most demanding requirements and desires of our customers as well as private individuals and corporations (companies).

Gardens are living works of art whose shape changes during the growing season. They are natural temples, providing asylum to man, which combines the majesty of a calm space with peace of mind. It is an environment of peace and silence that compels one to stop, to perceive beauty, charm and at the same time radiate the positive energy this magical garden world has to offer.

Each garden outside is a presentation of its owner, their attitude to life, philosophy, taste and feeling for everything living and beautiful

The gardens created by our company can transform any space into an environment from which neither you nor your friends will want to leave.



-    ornamental garden according to one’s own and submitted projects
-    garden projects
-    green roofs
-    vertical gardens
-    interior design
-    irrigation systems
-    garden maintenance
-    water elements
-    lawns